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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kellye: we are on storm watch with potentially rough weather on the way. when the storms could get here and how it could affect the back end of the weekend. >> he was such a legend in such a beautiful human being. loss of aurning the legend, and a former president getting ready to memorialize muhammad ali. to changes that you need know about before you head out for a night on the town with metro track work. right now, bracing for storms, we are on storm watch. we have some severe weather pushing our way.
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rudin for a first look at the forecast. nowe: not so bad right around the immediate metro. a severe thunderstorm warning has canceled out. front royal, light rain, the same for winchester, just on the verge of this cell moving overhead. nothing severe, but heavy downpours are expected as we move through the next hour or so. is moving north of the mason dixon line, a flash flood warning for allegheny county. now, just a few sprinkles around the capital beltway, but if you have barbecue plans this evening you should be fine the next few hours, stronger storms late tonight into tomorrow. we have a flood watch in effect for the shenandoah and the blue ridge. nothing for the immediate metro. showers and storms
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overnight, falling into the middle 60's, lower 70's, areas of fault. the exact timing of -- areas of fog. we will talk about the light at the end of the tunnel with clear skies and nicer weather. 7 stormwatchbc weather team is keeping ahead of the severe storms. sign up for text alerts and get the latest warning sent straight to your phone. that is developments after the death of boxing legend muhammad ali. he died late last night at the age of 74 during a hospital stay for respiratory conditions. two hours ago we learned that he died of septic shock, that is the word from his family to the associated press. a public funeral will be held for him on friday in louisville, kentucky. bill
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eulogy. the former president had this to say about the man he considered a close personal friend. who he was as a person was greater than his legend. people around the nation's capital are also remembering muhammad ali. richard reeve joins us now live in northwest. ali made some serious waves in our area. richard: he did, and some of the folks with the fondest memories are those in the boxing business. some of the guys right now are sparring. a lot of folks with many memories of this great athlete. >> i heard about it and i just got chills. richard: go to any boxing club in america and you will hear this. float like a butterfly, sting like a be. >>
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fast, i'm pretty, and cannot possibly be beat. richard: muhammad ali died friday night. >> he made me realize i should take pride in everything i do. olympic medal, three heavyweight championships, but so much more. >> by being a worldly person who believed in following his heart, i think he taught other people to do the same thing. richard: he changed his name, changed his religion, defied the draft, and was tossed out of boxing for three years. no, i'm notali said going to fight. shotrd: this videographer these pictures during a visit to d.c. in 1985. he was 18. >> knowing that he is gone is like a pit in your stomach. richard: in his later years, ali reacheou
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>> he used his celebrity status in the promotion of peace, to celebrate strong faith. >> a lot of grown men are going to cry because he was such a legend in such a beautiful human being. richard: back live, these two guys going toe to toe. muhammad ali was an athlete and activist. talk about a second act, and amazing man. a lot of people said they idolized and followed his example. live in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. hour-longnight, an " special.w we also have reaction pouring in. robert burton is covering that side of the story in about 15 minutes. normal on metro, reduced service, longer wait times, part
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have to work around when you head out for the weekend. look at howan has a the people are adjusting. how are they doing, ashley? ashley: there is a lot of frustration, kellye. metro workers are handing out pamphlets detailing the changes. it is a busy night at the ballston station. say that it's a bit confusing and inconvenient. got underway saturday morning in the massive maintenance overhaul of the real system known as safe track. what a day for these college students to be using metro for the first time. >> i'm not used to it in the first place, so coming here it's more confusing with all the e-mails and warnings saying watch out for this. ashley: they will rely on metro to get to their internships this summer. >> it migh
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silver lines will be affected by the first phase of repair work. it is single tracking, which means longer wait times. >> i rely on them to be timely. not only that, today it took me two hours and 10 minutes instead of an hour and a half. sandra was late to work because of the long commute for stop now she is using the metro app and the repair schedule to figure out how to navigate the next few weeks. it a reminder of why the safety arcing needed -- an insulator caused an emergency on saturday. firefighters responded, the problem was fixed, but not before making people look forward to the much-needed repairs. >> they are doing it for a good reasons. . ashley: the real test
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monday when a lot more people will be relying on metro for their commute to work. some people say they will ride a bike or take uber. metro will be closing at midnight every day also with these track work lands. ashley coleman, abc 7 news. kellye: we have full details of the safe track land on our website, sign up for text alerts from abc 7. just text the word "metro" to 4387. coming up, with city officials are saying after the seine river hit flood stage in paris. urney in yard jo the books. -- 24 year journe
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kellye: only on abc 7 tonight, a 24 year journey finally complete. this man has visited all 411 national park service sites in t he u.d. -- in the u.s. america has such an inspirational story. deur.s uniform gran i really love it. i feel so blessed. kellye: he is not finished yet. as new sites are added, he will continue to travel. he also volunteers at the clara barton national historic site. we'll have much more of on him in his life coming up at 11 p.m. the fourth annual awesome-
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con is underway at the washington convention center. it is a must-see for fans of superheroes, comic books, and other pop-culture. celebrity guests include filmmaker kevin smith, and carl , dr. mccoy in the new "star trek" films. good news for delta passengers -- in-flight entertainment will soon be free. this is for domestic and international flights. free entertainment will start july 1. there will be shows, music, and games available on seatback screens or personal mobile devices through onboard wi-fi. massive ahead -- flooding is just the first problem in texas. the new concern for them that is even more deadly. and we are on storm watch tonight with potentially rough weather on the way.
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kellye: rescue workers in texas have a monumental effort they are facing. this is completely evacuated after the flood. dooreople are taking boats to door to make sure nobody is trapped into crack donating new type of danger. >> people need help to get out of the house, next thing you know people are taking shots because they think somebody is tried to steal stuff. kellye: only a handful of residents stayed behind. the seine river in paris is finally starting to recede after reaching its highest level
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over 30 years. flooding has killed at least 16 people. levers forcedlood wever's museums to move some of their priceless art to upper floors. a good time to be here this afternoon. it looks good around the immediate metro, but bigger changes are on the way. the atmosphere, a frontal system on the way tomorrow, triggering stronger storms. diving into the forecast, we head over to brian van de graaff, with what to expect through the evening and into the overnight. brian: thanks, steve. that is what we were watching today because we had the risk of severe weather today. a little bit of sunshine in spots. there have been showers and storms, but most have been to the west. through the evening, 80 degrees at reagan national, a pheromone of cloudiness. every now and then we get sunshine.
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low 80's andrews -- from frederick and leesburg, andrews. we have some concern with showers, a flood watch until midnight all through the shenandoah valley. a couple pockets of heavier showers and storms. one to the south and west from rocking him county, page county, also into greene county. they have flood warnings because we've had so much rain. , a storm fizzling out, losing steam. the last batch to the allegheny county to the north and west expires in the next couple hours. futurecast, the next hours, anything outdoors, most of us are good to go. showers staying along the 81 corridor. even tonight, most of the action stays west. some will work its way through,
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tomorrow, as the storm system swings by, things get dicey. let's check in with steve with what to expect. steve: we wake up tomorrow morning with warm and humid conditions. temperatures will be in the upper 60's, lower 70's. it be drive for most of you, but cannot rule out an isolated shower especially through the midmorning. time, around the capital beltway, it will be dry. keep in mind this is just a computer simulation. where it is darker means possibly more sunshine. sun that we see, the stronger the storms are likely to be. p.m., numerous severe thunderstorm warnings tomorrow afternoon, early evening. chief meteorologist doug hill will be here to keep you updated. cannot rule out a chance of a few tornado warnings by about 5
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montgomery county and frederick county. the good news, most of this is out of here by about 9 p.m., 10 p.m. morning, back to work and school, a good deal of sunshine and the temperatures will be pleasant. tomorrow, high near 85. aep a notch full -- keep watchful eye to the sky, the peak time for storms will be between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. cannot rule out gusty wind, hail, lots of thunder and lightning. the temperatures will be in the middle 80's next week, a beautiful stretch of days. upper 70's, low 80's. next weekend, looking at a few showers. once we get through tomorrow aret, things improved medically. we will give you a freshly updated forecast
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and you can also sign up for text alerts for the latest information. kellye: that is really empowering the audience. steve: absolutely. robert: the sports world continues to mourn. robert: when you watch the video, you cannot help but smile. coming up, athletes remember muhammad ali.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: as you saw earlier, a world, in the sports muhammad ali passing at the age of 74. the mount rushmore of sports, today many other great athletes gave their thoughts about the greatest of all time. >> down the
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city, i said, man, he is beautiful. after you get out of the ring with him, everybody falls in love with him. you can't help it. he is one lovable, good-looking, great guy. kid, came from a family. ali, history week, name and jackie robinson. , they boys and girls club told me i could be like muhammad ali. i told them i had to ask my mom. >> we lost a great fighter, a great man, a great human being. us to be with somebody is great as he was. robert:
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1980, when ali was preparing for his title fight against larry holmes. our cameras were there. superstar that anybody can just walk up in his e themand i will welcom with open arms, no appointment. go walk up on sidney portier novak. newman, kim if i hit him with that right and he don't fall, i'm going to run. hard,ing to hit him so there is nothing like me.
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20 seconds to go on the last round, they say i don't know where he came from. don't know where he gets it from. allah, allahe in comes to me and gives me superpowers. i just don't know myself i'm doing it. i don't fall, i don't run. robert: for more, go to . funeral will be held in his hometown of kentucky on friday. i cannot look at that video and not smile. kellye: every time. and that was a good impression, by the way.
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kellye: we are continuing to track the severe weather. steve: a first set of thunderstorm warnings off to the west, including orange county, until about 7:15. this will have no impact on the immediate metro. rain,ow, 85, some heavy strong thunderstorms, especially between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. teamhave expanded coverage, chief meteorologist doug hill will be in. you can also had to once we get rid of the nasty weather tomorrow night, we have a beautiful fresh day monday through friday, in time for the work and school week, upper 70's, middle 80's. nighttime lows will be in the 60's. download the stormwatch 7 weather app,
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have during severe weather. kellye: thank you very much
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>> reporter: welcome to "world news tonight." remembering the greatest of all-time, muhammad ali, boxing legend, civil right champion, american icon. from the power and grace that made him a heavy tight titan to the razor sharp wit that made him a star. >> i'm so mean i make medicine sick. >> the new details about his final moments, family right there, how they said good-bye. his hometown now preparing for an epic farewell. the famous names just coming in. who will be there to lead the tribute. and the woman by his side telling our diane sawyer how they met all those years ago. tonight the tributes from those he grew up with to those he battled in the ring. >> i got beat up in the jungle. >> and the millions he inspired around the world.


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